Hi! My Name is Timmi.

I'm a seasoned shitcoin trader and 80% of my networth is tied to crypto.I've had higher highs and mostly lower lows.
I almost never take porfit.

Let's be friends!

Crafted purely for fun, $TIMMI doesn't come with any real value or financial guarantees. With no formal team or plan, this coin is just a playful addition to the crypto scene. Trade at your own risk. Join in the fun and jump into the world of $Timmi!

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Join $Timmi on his wild journey through every Apple launch. Witness his rollercoaster ride of 10,000x returns or total losses. Timmi is a community of degens vibing together through pump and dumps, bull runs and bear markets with unlimited supply of memes and good vibes.


1,000,000,000 SUPPLY


The Start
TIMMI forever immortalized on the blockchain
Solana Incident
TIMMI may have made a massive oopsie and Toly found out.
Touch Grass
We all need to take a break at some point right?
Work Desk
This is who you're trading against.
Jeets beware
Ominous warning for what happens when you jeet your TIMMI
Not Cool
In TIMMI's defense, he was buying the $CUMSLURPINU presale
Let's fucking gamble..

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